If you have read all our membership information and you're interested in applying to join us, please answer these questions and send your answers to us, with a letter introducing yourself. You can also send this information by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Typing or clear hand writing is fine, and there are no right or wrong answers – please give truthful speculations! If you would like to chat about the membership process, or if you need a large print version posted to you, please call us on 01547 540 461, and ask to speak to the membership person.


If you are applying as a couple, you must submit two applications.

Also please be sure you read the rest of this website carefully first, (to be sure we are worth the cost of the call/ stamp!).

1. Do you have any dependants (Please give numbers of children, number or parents/adults/other...)?

2. Have you a business or personal relationship with someone who already lives here, or who is also applying to live here?

3. Do you have any pets or hobby live-stock?

4.  We are currently in the middle of a renovation. This stage in the project is not suitable for people with some physical disabilities, some mental health problems, or sensitivity to noise, mess and disruption. Do you consider yourself to have any of these issues? Please be specific so we can identify whether, from our experience, this place would suit you now. We can keep your application for a future date (when this phase is finished) if not.   All information shared with us will be held in strict confidentiality.

We will not judge your application unfavorably if you answer truthfully. We can only help if we know.

5. Have you lived in a rural area before?

6. Have you lived in a Housing Co-operative, or been part of a small worker's co-operative before?

7. How do you expect to spend your days living here? (Paid and unpaid work, hobbies... Don't be shy about listing traditionally undervalued occupations, and unpaid work. (Childcare, learning, travelling, volunteering...) etc)

8. How will you pay your rent and bills? 

(Currently everyone pays at least £240 a month, as well as volunteering between 7 and 25 hours a week in this renovation phase.)

9. How long do you want to live here?

10. Do you have any links in Herefordshire, Shropshire or Powys area?


11. Do you have any experience with renovation projects, building, painting, tiling, DIY, living on a building site etc?

12. Seeing as you're applying for a room in the shared house, do you like sharing a kitchen and bathroom, and are you comfortable cooking for six or seven?

13. Do you have any particular needs regarding your accommodation (accessibility, allergies or other)?

14. Do you have a business idea that you would like to set up and run from here?

15. Do you have any experience of working or living in a co-op, using consensus decision making, facilitating meetings etc?

16. Have you had any experience in negotiating conflict?

17. Have you had, or is there pending a conviction for a violent or sexual offence? Any information given will only be viewed by members of the co-op and held in line with the Data Protection Act 1998. If the answer to this is yes this does not mean that we will not necessarily accept you because of this, however, we will want to know more about this as at times we may have children or vulnerable adults living at Wheatstone.

18. As a fully mutual housing co-operative, we are all directors in the legal sense. Is there any reason you might be barred from directorship, eg having been declared bankrupt, committed fraud or been heavily in debt?


19. Please tell us why you think you might like to live here at Earthworm Housing Co-op.


20. How did you hear about us?


21. Would you like to find out the outcome of your initial application by phone or by e-mail?