AVAILABLE NOW  - 2 bedrooms in a 6-person shared house

AVAILABLE IN THE FUTURE - more shared-house bedrooms; and a 2- or 3-bedroom detatched house.



·    Main House - Rooms in a shared house: Up to 6 bedrooms on the first floor and ground floor, for co-op members who would share the use of the large kitchen on the ground floor, and the bathroom/toilets on the first and ground floor.



Other Resources which will be shared by arrangement are the greenhouse, polytunnels, the conservatory, laundry, the library, and the Events space, which might end up being used commercially so communication and negotiation are always important. Having part of the grounds and garden as “your own” is also negotiable, but we are deliberately concentrating on the buildings, not the land, for the next few years.


Other spaces are currently unavailale either because there is already a member living in them, or because they are building sites undergoing reovation.  While we prefer to recruit members into renovated living spaces,  every member so far has moved into a space that was not the fully renovated room they then helped or will help to create.



Altogether we have:


In the main house:

6 bedrooms in the shared house

a two-bedroom flat

a one-bedroom flat


A two-bedroom flat above the stables and workshops


A three-bedroom house.


A static caravan tied to the main house in planning-permission terms, as "overflow accommodation"