Wheatstone Events Space rental and other Businesses


Once the accommodation is sorted, some members hope to turn their attention to setting up a residential education and training centre.


3-5 of our biggest nicest rooms might be used to host courses and events which will provide income for the co-op and some residents.


The spaces such business uses may also be available for co-op members to use but in order to make the business financially viable and to make this a nice place to live there will need to be careful timetabling. To be financially viable, the business space may need to book some rooms at short notice.


There will also be occasional larger gatherings which we will hope to receive income from. Some of our members are already self employed and run their business from Wheatstone House. There is also scope for you to run your own as well and we actively encourage this. If you have an idea or an existing business, go into as much detail as you like on the Application questionairre.




If future and current members achieve consensus on it, the co-op could issue more loanstock to pay for renovating more business space.  Loanstock is a particular sort of legal borrowing commonly used by housing co-ops.  The Drive housing co-op have defined it really well on their website http://www.thedrive.coop/directions.php